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Victor Jakubiuk


Engineer & Entrepreneur.
MIT CS '12, '16

These are my professional interests:
engineering; entrepreneurship; software development;
algorithms; data structures;
parallel computing; concurrent data structures;
中国和亚洲 - 我学中文

Other pastime activities:
rowing; running; swimming; biking; hiking (+ other outdoors activities);
fishing; traveling & discovering other cultures; foreign languages & linguistics;
I'm an engineer and a tech entrepreneur. Founder of OnSpecta - we make AI deployment and acceleration software.

Feel free to email me if you would like to talk about any of my interests or projects.


  • OnSpecta - Deep Learning deployment acceleration software. Co-founder & Chief-Scientist.

  • A Multicore Path to Connectomics-on-Demand - some of the research results published in PPoPP '17.

  • Masters thesis - my Masters research thesis. Computational Neuroscience at MIT CSAIL.

  • Hocrux - handwritten optical character recognition. A hackweek project, uses NVIDIA Digits and Caffe to train GoogLeNet classifier. Achieved reasonable accuracy for hand-written english. Joint work with Jon from Dropbox.

  • Computational Connectomics Group - the group I was involved with.

  • engine.datanitro.com - NitroEngine - an alternative computational engine to MS Excel that speeds up statistical analysis (ie. Monte Carlo models) significantly.

  • voyager.datanitro.com - DataNitro Voyager - the simplest REST API to push data to Excel users and their spreadsheets, without having to touch the Windows/Office stack (currently defunct).

  • www.datanitro.com - replaced VBA in Excel with Python. YCombinator backed startup (S12) - founder.

  • Implementation and Performance Analysis of Hash Functions and Collision Resolutions - spring '12 - an implementation project & a paper - performance analysis of different collision resolutions (Linear Probing, Quadratic Probing, Cuckoo hashing and Hopscotch hashing) w.r.t cache performance across multiple cores. The code is available on my github.

  • www.tourmadillo.com - winter & spring '12 - a web & mobile app for travel (currently defunct).

  • Parellization of Dijkstra's Algorithm - Dec '11 - a paper on the Relax Heaps data structure; describes parallelization of the shortest paths algorithm to (efficiently) scale across multiple CPU cores.

  • Parallel memory allocator - Fall '11 - a Hoard-like parallel memory allocator for one of my clas ses. See the source here, it's pretty well commented. Provides concurrent (thread-safe) malloc and free and scales reasonably well on multiple cores.

  • Introduction to C++ - Jan '11 - an intro C++ course I taught during the IAP. You can find the study materials on MIT OCW.

  • Skimmedmilk - Dec '10 - a dinner signup hack (website) for one of my dorms. Written in good old php, the code is quite nasty, but hey, it worked. Uses MIT certificates for auth.